VR/AR/MR innovations and technologies.

The core focus of ITD is in training and workforce development by leveraging on the proven use cases of virtual reality training and self-driven AI mobile learning platform.

Expanding on the offering, ITD is also delivering virtualization of environments in VR/AR, solutions in collaborating via VR and consultative services to meet customers’ needs with our team or through strategic alliances with technological partners.

Virtual reality office

We upskill and empower people across key sectors to realise their true potential, and do the best job possible. Needless to say, this has a direct positive impact on the bottom line. 

In doing so, we give organisations that much-needed edge to delight customers, enhance safety, innovate and create, add measurable value and even redefine their categories. Discover how we use our expertise and technology to make this happen at scale.

  • Digital twinning.
  • Real time data visualization.
  • Virtual events.
  • NFTs.
  • Blockchain.
  • Real life insights into human behaviour.
  • Infrastructure familiarity.
  • Health, Safety & Environment.
  • Operations & Maintenance.
  • AI analytics.

  • Remote VR Collaboration.
  • Augmented Reality Assistance & Maintenance.
  • Design Review